Political Attacks on Brand New Council Starting

The Brand New Council candidates — Drew, Sandy, Steve and Chris — are running campaigns that are having an effect, and it’s showing. We are seeing the response from the voices of established power and big developers.

Chris Krohn: Santa Cruz housing crisis is for real

Op-Ed by Chris Krohn, Special to the Sentinel
July 16, 2016

Santa Cruz City Council forum draws standing-room only crowd

by Jessica A. York, Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 29, 2016

Homelessness solutions dominate first Santa Cruz council candidate forum

by Jessica A. York, Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 11, 2016

Chris Krohn: Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' turns 50 this year. How might it inform us in upcoming election?

November 3, 2012 - Santa Cruz Sentinel
With the recent news of College 8 at UCSC being renamed "Rachel Carson College", we pulled this article written by Chris Krohn for the Sentinel in 2012.

City of Santa Cruz Candidates:  Chris Krohn

City of Santa Cruz website page for City Council Candidate Chris Krohn.


Dear Santa Cruz Community,

It is with the utmost concern and commitment to this community that I am presenting myself as a candidate for the Santa Cruz City Council. It has been almost fourteen years since I came off the council and since that time I partnered with my wife of twenty years, Rachel O’Malley, in raising two wonderful daughters, Sophia and Isabel. During this time, I have participated in taking my kids to school and soccer practice, running a successful internship program in the Environmental Studies program at UC Santa Cruz, coaching basketball, and working on several local issues like saving the Beach Flats Community Garden, confronting UCSC growth through the Community Water Coalition, and achieving a sound water supply and conservation plan with the group, Desal Alternatives.

Over the past few years I have witnessed the quality of our town diminish, give way to a market rate housing boom that is not satisfying the needs of people who already live here, but pushing out folks of modest income levels. There is also a bureaucratic inability to come to grips with our traffic nightmare along Laurel Street, Mission Street, and Soquel Avenue in the Branciforte area.

The current city council has cast a blind eye to the environment too. Our quality of life has been significantly diminished along the river, in our precious wetlands areas, and also on our community’s iconic beaches. We have a natural environment to protect and the current council is not up to the task. Compounding our fears concerning the changing climate, there has been a severe depletion of our Santa Cruz urban forest.

The fact is, this city council appears to have thrown their collective hands in the air to the real issues of housing, transportation and water and now seem content to believe that just another hotel project (Marriot, Hyatt, etc.) or over-priced condo, or AirBnB rental will somehow fix what ails our community, but they could not be more mistaken. New leadership is needed on the city council if our community is to get back on track and fully confront out of control market rate building and standstill traffic.

I am running, invigorated and conscious of the values of the recent “Bernie Sanders for President" campaign. I have a feeling that if Bernie looked at Santa Cruz today he would launch into one of his “enough is enough” tongue lashings. As I walk around town and knock on doors I am searching for community solutions to our community problems. Some of you have shared with me stories of fifty percent rent increases, cars broken into two and three times, children and parents not able to move back to Santa Cruz because of skyrocketing housing prices, and a university growing not on campus, but sending hundreds of students down the hill to compete in an already tight rental market, thus driving rents up into the stratosphere.

Help is on the way. There are four seats, a majority of the seven-member council, up for election. We have the opportunity this fall to turn our situation around and move in a new direction. Elections are about change, and I hope you will join me in creating the kind of change that will address mounting homelessness, greed-driven developers, and a failing of sound growth stewardship by City officials.

In closing, I urge you to come out to the many campaign forums already scheduled (see calendar). Ask the tough questions of candidates and invite us back to your neighborhoods to see firsthand what issues you are confronting, and see who visits.

There is a set of “establishment” candidates already touting a stay-the-course-we-can-build-our-way-out approach. And then, there are candidates challenging this growth-at-any-cost credo and saying, “enough is enough,” we can turn this ship around. I am part of this latter group—new ideas and a neighborhood-first approach, and I respectfully ask for your vote this November.

Thank you for your support,

Chris Krohn, Candidate for Santa Cruz City Council 2016


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The Hyatt hotel under construction at 407 Broadway is in a residential neighborhood and was zoned for high-density housing.


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