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BTS Presents City Council Candidate Chris Krohn

An in-depth interview with Chris Krohn addressing the many important issues we face in today's Santa Cruz.

Steve Pleich suspends his campaign and endorses Chris Krohn, Drew Glover, Sandy Brown and Steve Schnaar

Steve PleichOctober 16, 2016: Statement from the Steve Pleich Campaign

"We got into the city council race because we believed that advocating for those most in need and creating a more diverse, inclusive and compassionate community where every voice is heard; young, old, student, worker, rich poor, and people from every ethnic background and economic station, were not only worthwhile goals but noble ones as well. And just as importantly, we believed in restoring that collective voice to our policy making and political process. We fought hard and relentlessly for those voices and those values because we believe that it was worth whatever effort was required to achieve these noble goals. But we have come to understand that my service to our community will not, at least for now, be as a member of our city council, and the issues that face our community are far too important and the stakes in this election are far too high to put my personal interests before what I believe to be best for our community. And so it is with a heavy heart that we formally announce that our campaign for city council has been suspended.

"To my staff and my many supporters I say this: I asked you to believe in me and you did; I asked you to believe in my vision for our community and you did; I asked for your time and energy and financial support and you gave selflessly and without reservation and those are debts of gratitude that I can only repay by doing what I believe to be best for our community.

"So I ask all of you who believe in me to do one more thing: trust my judgment about who best can make our shared vision a reality. I ask you to support the candidates who represent the Brand New Council who I believe have the commitment and the skills necessary to lead us to that vision and to the noble goals that we all working so hard to achieve.

"Please join me in supporting Chris Krohn, Steve Schnaar, Sandy Brown and Drew Glover for Santa Cruz City Council."

Thank you, Steve Pleich

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